Aircraft Cessna 210

Cessna 210

Bill Signs has completed several of his friendship flights in N90MB. Under Signs' hand, N90MB has flown around the world, landed on all 7 continents, and visited Russia, among other endeavors.

As Signs is a licensed aircraft mechanic, he personally keeps N90MB in top operating condition.

Below are N90MB's specs:

1974 Cessna Centurion 210-L [N90MB]

Engine: Continental IO-520-L 6 cylinder horizontally opposed
Power Output: 300 hp
Empty Weight: 2300 lbs / 1043 kg
Gross Weight: 3800 lbs / 1723 kg
Max Overweight: 5200 lbs / 2358 kg
Wingspan: 39.67 ft / 12.09 m
Wing Area: 175 ft2 / 16.26 m2
Wing Loading: 27.1 lbs sq ft
Length: 28.67 ft / 8.74 m
Airframe Material: Aluminum
Oil Capacity: 2.5 gal / 9.46 liters plus auxiliary oil
Total Range Miles 0 Wind: 4200 S.m. / 6759 km
Total Range Hours 0 Wind: 27 hours
Total Fuel: 350 gal / 1324.89 liters in 8 tanks
Standard Fuel: 90 gal in 4 tanks
Fuel Burn (Cruise): 13 gph / 49.21 lph
Avg. Cruise Speed: 180 mph / 289 kph

  • Flight Instruments by Sigma-Tek
  • Trimble 2000T IFR-Certified GPS
  • Trimble TransPac GPS (Handheld)
  • BFG Aerospace Stormscope WX-900
  • King KX-197
  • King KX-80 RNAV
  • Kind KX-155 Nav/Comm
  • LT-76A Transponder
  • KR-87 ADF
  • Shadin Fuel Totalizer
  • Altitude Alert System

  • Wet Vacuum Pump by Garmin for dependability
  • Pricise Flight Standby Vacuum System (operates off engine induction system)
  • Walker Air-Oil Separator
  • Auxilliary Oiling System (using a mercury outboard bulb-type primer -- 4 qt/min transfer rate, 1 qt/12 hr std. burn rate)
  • Due to very high/very low operating temperatures, Friendship Flight uses Phillips 20w50 X/C Oil
  • 2 Wing Fuel Tanks
  • 2 Flint Tip Tanks
  • 4 Ferry Fuel Tanks

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Friendship Flight 1998 Eielson

Eielson trans polar commeemorative flight Barrow, Alaska, USA to Spitsbergen, Norway.

  • Pilot: Bill Signs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

Friendship Flight 1997 Lindbergh

A commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's historic flight, 70 years to the minute. Signs retraced Lindbergh's route, departing San Diego, St. Louis, and New York, arriving in Paris, France, on May 21st, 1997 at 11 a.m. Ten thousand children are expected to participate at the airports, where Signs will share Lindbergh's accomplishments and the excitement of world-wide aviation.

  • Pilot: Bill Signs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

Friendship Flight 1996 World Record

A world record setting expedition, where Signs, accompanied by pilot Ruth Jacobs of Fairhope, Alabama, became the first to land a single aircraft on all seven continents during the 50 day around-the-world trip.

  • Pilots: Bill Signs. Ruth Jacobs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

Friendship Flight 1995 Antarctica

South America and Antarctica - Signs was the first to fly a single engine aircraft from South America to Antarctica and back without refueling

  • Pilot: Bill Signs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

Friendship Flight 1993 Russia Mongolia

A three single-engine aircraft expedition to Russia and Mongolia. Signs flew his Cessna 210L

  • Pilots: Bill Signs. Yuri Khartinov.
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB