Dallas, Texas - To recreate the historic flight of Charles Lindbergh exactly 70 years to the minute requires the help and support of dedicate professionals from all over the country. Businessman and pilot Bill Signs proudly announces that the Charles A. Lindbergh/N-X-211 Collectors Society has become a Friend of Friendship Flight '97.

Founded on July 3, 1987 by Max Healey, the C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society embraces a membership from the U.S., England, France, Sweeden, Mexico, and Canada. Growth and diversity are among the objectives of the Society.

Each year, a Society Symposium is head with the goal to educate Society members as well as the public about the accomplishments of Charles Lindbergh. Members take time during the Symposium to display and trade memorabilia, listen to speakers, and enjoy their common fellowship as they discuss their favorite hero. The 1997 Symposium is scheduled for August 14-17, 1997, in the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh, Little Fallas, Minnesota. In addition to the yearly Symposium activities, Mr. Signs will be on hand along with his aircraft to provide the C.A.L./N-X-211 Society members with a first-hand report on his recreation of the Lindbergh flight.

According to Rosemary Zuern, the President of the C.A.L./N-X-211 Society, "Bill Signs' recreation of the historic Lindbergh flight is certainly in keeping with a number of the goals and objectives of the C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society." These specific goals of the Society that Mr. Signs' flight covers are to perpetuate the man and the machine, to educate the public at large, and to preserve the man, the accomplishments, and the machine, the Spirit of St. Louis.

"We are enthusiastic that a fellow member has chosen to take on this very large and demanding endeavor to commemerate 'our hero's' great transatlantic flight of 70 years ago," remarked Ms. Zuern. "On behalf of our entire membership, we wish Bill Signs success and God speen. We are all proud of him."

For more information about the Charles A. Lindbergh/N-X-211 Collectors Society please contact:

Rosemary Zuern 913 Wylde Oak Drive Oshkosh, Wisc. 54904 414-233-1632 (phone) 414-231-0396 (fax) rosemary_zuern@sba.com (email)

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What Is Friendship Flight?

Spearheaded by pilot Bill Signs, they are a collection of global flights to spread good will, understanding, and more to countries around the world.


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Friendship Flight 1997 Lindbergh

A commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's historic flight, 70 years to the minute. Signs retraced Lindbergh's route, departing San Diego, St. Louis, and New York, arriving in Paris, France, on May 21st, 1997 at 11 a.m. Ten thousand children are expected to participate at the airports, where Signs will share Lindbergh's accomplishments and the excitement of world-wide aviation.

  • Pilot: Bill Signs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

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