Dallas, Texas - Children from all over the world can now follow the continuing adventures of Friendship Flight '97 by visiting the FF-97 Internet Website at www.friendshipflight.com. Friendship Flight '97 will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the historic non-stop Charles Lindbergh flight from New York to Paris, France when businessman and pilot Bill Signs navigates his Cessna 210 aircraft along Lindbergh's exact flight path.

The Friendship Flight website allows visitors the opportunity to not only learn about Friendship Flight '97 but provides background information on Lindbergh's preparations for his historic flight as well as facts about The Flight, The Aircraft, and The Pilot for Friendship Flight '97. Additionally, website visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about each of the Friends of Friendship Flight '97 and can become an active participant in Friendship Flight '97 by signing the FF-97 visitor page.

Schools, businesses, and organizations that sign the FF-97 visitors page can also have their name displayed on the Friendship Flight '97 bulletin board so that other website visitors can checkout Friends of Friendship Flight '97 from all over the world.

Within the Educational Resources section of the FF-97 website, visitors can checkout a training curriculum for Friendship Flight '97 as well as the details for the Friendship Flight Art Contest. When the departure time arrives for the start of Friendship Flight '97, website visitors will also have the opportunity to follow the actual flight through daily flight updates posted from along the flight route. In addition to being a part of Friendship Flight '97 through interaction on the FF-97 website, school children living near each of the four base locations for Friendship Flight '97 (San Diego, St. Louis, New York, and Paris, France) will have the opportunity to visit the airport and become a part of launching their segment of the historic recreation. Prior to the Friendship Flight '97 departure, website visitors can check each of the four ground locations for the planned activities that will launch their leg of Friendship Flight '97.

The Friendship Flight '97 website is in its infancy so website visitors should make plans to return on a regular basis to checkout all of our new and expanded areas.

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Bill Signs

The main pilot for Friendship Flight.


What Is Friendship Flight?

Spearheaded by pilot Bill Signs, they are a collection of global flights to spread good will, understanding, and more to countries around the world.


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Friendship Flight 1997 Lindbergh

A commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's historic flight, 70 years to the minute. Signs retraced Lindbergh's route, departing San Diego, St. Louis, and New York, arriving in Paris, France, on May 21st, 1997 at 11 a.m. Ten thousand children are expected to participate at the airports, where Signs will share Lindbergh's accomplishments and the excitement of world-wide aviation.

  • Pilot: Bill Signs
  • Aircraft: Cessna 210L N90MB

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